Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chocolate Mousse!

Do you like to be daring and adventurous with your food? This recipe asks people to step out of their comfort zone and happily surprises them with delicious creamy rich chocolate. Don't let a little tofu scare ya ;]
-12.3oz silken or firm tofu (Mori-Nu lite leaves no aftertaste!)
-1 tsp cocoa powder
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-2 tbsp milk of your choice
-1/8 tsp salt
-1 1/3 cup chocolate chips
-2-3 tbsp agave syrup
-crust is optional if you want it to be like a pie. I would try graham cracker :]
-melt chocolate in pan.
-throw everything into a blender until smooth.
-pour into a crust or dish! Yep, it's that easy!


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