Monday, October 14, 2013

Homemade Caramel Sauce!

**Note: This recipe is far from healthy. It is crazy good, but definitely not meant to be an all the time thing.**

This is to die for. I make it specially for my coffee. I take it to work and turn it into an iced caramel Americano with soy for creamer. It makes coffee out of this world good. It also goes great as an ice cream topping, muffin and pie drizzle...and honestly just straight. :p


-1 cup of brown sugar, packed. I use light brown. 
-1/2 cup heavy cream. (Next, I am going to try hazelnut creamer and see what it is like)
-4 tbsp butter.
-pinch of salt. I like a generous pinch. 
-1 tbsp vanilla. (Yes, a full tablespoon!)

-In a medium saucepan on low-medium heat, add the butter, heavy cream, brown sugar and salt and let it cook about 5-7 minutes while stirring with a whisk. 

-Once it has thickened a bit, add the vanilla and cook another minute or so. 
-Turn off the stove and pour caramel sauce into a jar and place in the fridge to cool down. 

**Update! I tried using hazelnut creamer in addition to heavy cream. It is fantastic! Now I am going to try many variations to keep my caramel sauce ever-changing. I did 1 part hazelnut creamer to 2 parts heavy cream=1/2 cup total. 

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